Our Strategy

To develop and grow our customer base into the Southern African region while leveraging on our experience and expertise in the logistics and road haulage space. Furthermore, to add value to our customers and continuing our strong alliances with our strategic business partners.

Our Vision

Provide a cost saving, focused, fast, reliable and efficient transport service to our customers whilst remaining customer centric to ensure optimisation of their financial objectives.

Our Mission

Total customer satisfaction through customised logistics and road freight solutions.

Our Commitment 

Purpose and Strategy

  • To meet shareholder expectations
  • To grow the customer base through world class logistics and road freight solutions to our customers
  • To continuously strengthen our strategic partnerships and alliances with our suppliers/customers
  • To continuously nurture our competitive advantages and create a win-win situation for us and our valued suppliers/customers.


  • We tirelessly engage our customers to ensure full understanding of their needs and continuously update them of movements on their consignments via timely tracking updates
  • We ensure full delivery on-time and in-full for every consignment
  • Continuous performance measure of delivery times against agreed periods with customers to ensure our customer satisfaction index always exceeds the target
  • To foster strong partnerships with our strategic business partners
  • We have a zero tolerance attitude towards sub-standard service delivery within the value chain
  • We tirelessly seek innovative ways to improve our service and add value to our customers


  • Providing a safe and empowering work environment for our employees enabling freedom through responsibility
  • Service excellence through solid teamwork
  • Integrity, accountability and transparency towards our customers and stakeholders
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • We share and celebrate our successes

Countries Serviced


Current Clients

  • Leo Shipping, South Africa
  • Alro Shipping, Zimbabwe
  • CWC Road Consolidators, South Africa
  • Aquarius CWT, Zimbabwe
  • Aquarius CWT, South Africa
  • Bridge Shipping, South Africa
  • Bridge Shipping, Zimbabwe
  • Bridge Shipping, Zambia
  • PG Baison, South Africa
  • Halsted Timbers, Zimbabwe
  • Halsteds Brothers, Zimbabwe
  • Flipstorm Services Ltd, Zimbabwe
  • Ansana Logistics
  • Transit South Africa
*All goods carried have GIT Cover by a leading South African Insurance Company up to the value of R1M per load